Our Work


  • Payments Due, by Carol Connolly
  • Payments Due: Onstage Offstage, by Carol Connolly
  • Rites of Ancient Ripening, by Meridel LeSueur
  • Caravan, by Ethna McKiernan
  • The Necklace, by Florence Chard Dacey
  • Heart, Home & Hard Hats, by Sue Doro
  • Down on the Corner, by Kevin FitzPatrick
  • Rush Hour, by Kevin FitzPatrick
  • Still Living in Town, by Kevin FitzPatrick
  • This with my last breath, by Meridel LeSueur
  • The Mercy of Stone, by Florence Chard Dacey


  • Winter Prairie Woman, by Meridel LeSueur
  • Irene: Selected Writings of Irene Paull, edited by Gayla Ellis et al.
  • The Girl, by Meridel LeSueur